Aug 10, 2014 Omu rice is Japan domestic western food. would you try it?

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2515, sleep inducing medicine, hypnotic 1/2.
2530, went to slept.

0915, wake-up, blood pressure 121/82-45
 Brood pressure is high today. Had ate fish and salt on yesterday ?

0925, human body composition
Weight 57.7kg, Fat 18.6%, fat under the skin 15.9%, BIM 21.2, fat depth side of umbilici 7mm
umbilici around 82 (74), Waist 80 (73)cm,  ( ) inside, blow out a breath all.

Cat weight 6.3kg. little loss -0.1kg, summer lethargy cat ?

Domestic jobs

1101, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto. Miso soup of Nameko. Dried sardine ( Maru boshi, Hold dried ). Marinated Onion with perilla oil and vinegar. Yogurt with nuts. 600Kcal

domestic job

1150, take medicine for PTSD
cold water bath

Lost can do sprit just before jobs.

1230, job
1645, end job

1715, Lunch. Omu - rice (omelet and chicken with ketchup). Soup. Salad. Cold tofu 1/4. 800Kcal
 Omu rice is Japan domestic western food. could you want try ?

1745, job
2115, end job

cold water bath
Olympus camera was fished smelled. I washed it in bath.

140810dinner1.jpg 140810dinner2.jpg
2215, dinner. Cold tofu 1/2 (cotton). Simmered brevoort (cut type) with Japanese pepper. Simmered of Qing geng cai with ginger. Udon with dried and combed kelp. Shichimi, Pepper. 750Kcal

2240, job
2410, end job

2421, take medicine for PTSD
cold water bath

(body care with reading book)
2515-2530, Foot care(machine)。
2530-2550, leg straddled stretch.
 I forgot to write playback yesterday but well done. Today too. I try to talk with my body if have time.
 Soto neko came and cried "give me food" when stretching. I finished under 10 min.

2615, sleep inducing medicine, hypnotic 1/2.

2630, go to bed.
just went to slept.

0915, 121/82-45

Today's calories 2150 Kcal
alcohol 0cc