Aug 9, 2014 Dried sardine, Vongole bianco, Grilled eggplant with su-jouyu

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2554, sleep inducing medicine.
2620, went to sleep

0934, wake-up, blood pressure 109/72-45
 today is not business day.

dawdle over.

1058, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%)m, Natto. Miso soup of velvet shank. Dried sardine ( Maru boshi, Hold dried ). Marinated Onion with perilla oil and vinegar dressing. Yogurt with nuts. 630Kcal

Domestic job

1150, take medicine for PTSD

cold water bath

1635, Lunch. Vongole bianco (dried spaghetti weight 100g ). Green salad with dressing. Plums. Tabasco. 700Kcal

2130, Dinner. Rice 200g (White and Brown rice each 50%). Miso soup with Tofu and brown seaweed. Chicken diablo. Grilled eggplant with su-jouyu (vineger and soy sauce). Raw tomato. 720Kcal

2216, take medicine for PTSD

cold water bath

( with reading book )
2327-2337, Foot care ( by machine).
2340-2410, leg straddled stretch.

2515, sleep inducing medicine, hypnotic 1/2.

2530, went to slept.

0934, 109/72-45

Today's calories 2050 Kcal
alcohol 0cc