Aug 26, 2014, Indian curry, Shrimp sand, Tenpura - Soba

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2621, Take medicine for PTSD
2622, Sleep inducing medicine.

2638, Go to bed.
Could not sleep, then slept.

Got up at once and washroom. Back to sleep soon.
My sleep was "deep"27% by amount of activity meter equipment. it is a lot than averages. is it from Sleep inducing medicine ?

1120, Wake-up,
 Over sleep and miss to check blood pressure.
 Cloudy and cool. I felt to slept too lot. Does sleep inducing medicine is strong than Hypnotic ?
 I feel fine.

Drink tea and ready to going.
Mail check.

1145, job(day business trip)

1602, BF. Indian curry (rice 400g). Lassi. 1100Kcal
1628, Coffee house.

Sometime, there're loud voice salary mans in cafe. They are very noisy. If too loud voice, it is not good for business secrets.

2145, Lunch. Subway. Shrimp sand. 2 Fried chicken. Orange juice (non ice). 700Kcal

2500, end job

2512, Dinner. Tenpura - Soba (seven-eleven). Simmered brevoort. pickles of cabbage rutabaga. Shichimi.

Cold water bath.

(Physical care with iPad )

2617-2627, Foot care ( by machine).

2630, Take medicine for PTSD
2659, Go to bed.
Slept soon.

1120, Wake-up,
 Over sleep and miss to check blood pressure.

Today's calories  2450 Kcal
Alcohol 0cc