Aug 14, 2014 Yogurt and nuts, Japanese rolled egg, Umani Tofu

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Did not took sleep inducing medicine.
2645, slept. Do not remember well.

2900, Washroom, then could not sleep.
3100, Washroom, then slept.

1022, wake-up, blood pressure 120/75-42
 Could to went sleeping without inducing medicine, but I got up twice, my sleeping is not deep, maybe. so, week up is very hard.


1135, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natoo. Miso soup of eggplant. Tomato. Simmered brevoort. Yogurt and nuts. 570Kcal

forgot to take medicine for PTSD.

Domestic work

1215, job
1415, end job

Took water bath.

1500, job
1645, end job

1650, Lunch. Somen (Japanese thin wheat noodles, dried weight 100g), Wakegi (relish welsh onion), Dip soup. Japanese rolled egg (3 eggs). Plum and Orange. 850Kcal

1709, take medicine for PTSD

1710, job
2040, end job

2110, job
2240, end job

2310, Dinner. Rice 200g (White and Brown rice each 50%). Miso soup of velvet shank. Dried Saba (Bunka boshi) with Marinated Onion. Umani Tofu (a simmered Tofu). 750Kcal

forgot to take medicine for PTSD.

( physical care with reading book )
2510-2525, Foot care ( by machine).
2525-2555, leg straddled stretch

2605, sleep inducing medicine.
2615, slept.

1022, blood pressure 120/75-42

Today's calories 2170 Kcal
alcohol 0cc