Aug 16, 2014 Simmered brevoort by pressure cooker, Spaghetti tomato sauce with eggplant, Maguro Yamakake, Wasabi, Syo yu

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Aug 16, 2014 Simmered brevoort by pressure cooker,

2612, sleep inducing medicine.
2640, go to bed.
went to sleep soon.

Gotup when past 1 hour for washroom

1050, wake-up, blood pressure 116/77-44
 Today is holiday and not touch IT day.

Domestic job (easy and small)

1153, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natoo. Miso soup of velvet shank.
Simmered brevoort by pressure cooker (that fish borns were eatable). Marinated Onion with perilla oil and vinegar dressing. Yogurt and nuts. 750Kcal

1222, medicine for PTSD

Be excited to get going, but rainy heavy to much.

1709, Lunch. Spaghetti tomato sauce with eggplant (dried noodle 100g). Soup from simmering water. Salad of chickpeas. Tabasco, grated cheese. 850Kcal

1730-1830, daytime nap, I felt too sleepy.

2223, Dinner. Eda Mame (2 bowls). Maguro Yamakake, Wasabi, Syo yu (soy sauce). 500Kcal

2350, Medicine for PTSD

( physical care with reading book )
2452-2602, Foot care ( by machine).
2605-2635, leg straddled stretch.
 Today is holiday but I feel impatience, I felt " try something" today. No schedule because take bath and take physical care. Today's noon, I had met not good things, it makes impatience, maybe.

2552, sleep inducing medicine.
2600, slept.

1050, blood pressure 116/77-44

Today's calories  2100 Kcal
alcohol 0cc