Aug 17, 2014 Dried Saba (Saba no Bunka hoshi) , Chicken Ramen, Goya chanpuru

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2552, sleep inducing medicine.
2600, go to bed.
went to sleep soon.

Slept very well. Had not got up at morning.

1128, wake-up, blood pressure 129/82-49, 119/79-48
 1st blood pressure is hight because wrote. Usually, I check blood pressure 2times then write low heart beat one.
 I think, if I had mind stress on yesterday, blood pressure will high when next morning. and slept not well, it as same but I slept very well in this morning. Salt on yesterday ?

human body composition
 Weight 57.4kg, Fat 19.6%, fat under the skin 16.8%, BIM 21.1, fat depth side of umbilici 7mm
 umbilici around 83 (75), Waist 79 (73)cm,  ( ) inside, blow out a breath all.

Cat, weight 6.5kg.


Emergency job once before BF.

1244, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto. Miso soup of velvet shank. Dried Saba (Saba no Bunka hoshi) and Marinated Onion. Yogurt and orange. 670Kcal

Forgot to take medicine for PTSD

Domestic job

1400, job
1745, end job

1805, Lunch. Chicken Ramen, Pepper. 550Kcal

take medicine for PTSD

1830, job
2300, end job (total 8h30m)

140817dinner1.jpg 140817dinner2.jpg

2324, Dinner. Goya chanpuru ( Okinawa Cuisine), Shichimi。Sou men (Thin wheat noodles), Tuke tsuyu (dip soup). relish welsh onion. Nats, Yogurt. 970Kcal

Forgot to take medicine for PTSD

Research dawdle over by iPad at living room. I must stop this dawdle jobs, but I feel pressed then watch it. it is not good and I want to stop it.

No physical care by late.

2629, sleep inducing medicine.
2645, go to bed.

1128, blood pressure 129/82-49, 119/79-48

Today's calories  2190Kcal

alcohol 0cc