Aug 18, 2014 Avocado bowl, Bukkake Udon, Miso soup of Myouga

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2629, sleep inducing medicine.
2645, go to bed.
went to sleep soon

got up at once to washroom

1100, wake-up, blood pressure 106/70-47
 today's blood pressure is normal but I felt stress hardly yesterday. Did I take salt few in yesterday ? Slept time is longer, I wish to begin sleep faster than. Fine and cool day. have a good appetite.


1210, BF. Avocado bowl (Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natoo, Avocado). Miso soup of velvet shank. 580Kcal

1244, take medicine for PTSD

Domestic job

1330, job
1550, end job

1610, Lunch. Bukkake Udon ( Udon, little of soy sauce. raw egg is optional). Marinated Onion. Shichimi. 520Kcal

1630, job.
2045, end job

2114, Dinner. Rice 200g (White and Brown rice each 50%). Miso soup of Myouga. Dried an Atka mackerel. Cold tofu (cotton 1/2 pack). a boiled potherb mustard.
# Myouga is Japanese domestic species. use for foodstuff or relish. 750Kcal

2135, job
2400, end job

2411, Night supper. Drink (non alcohol). Yogurt. 150Kcal

2452, take medicine for PTSD

Dawdle over at living room

2622, sleep inducing medicine. hypnotic 1/2.
2630, slept.

1100, blood pressure 106/70-47

Today's calories 2000 Kcal

alcohol 0cc