Aug 20, 2014 Miso soup of rutabaga, Cold Udon with raw egg, Sou men (Thin wheat noodles)

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2554, sleep inducing medicine. hypnotic 1/2 。
2600, go to bed. went to sleep soon.

2800, Got up, I had took some medicine but got up early. Could not sleep soon.
3100, Got up again. Use fan when too hot, but cannot sleep which too light by morning sun. dawdle over in the Futon (Japanese bed).

0849, wake-up, blood pressure 108/74-45


1025, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto. Miso soup of rutabaga. Marinated Onion. canned sardine. Yogurt and Nuts. 620Kcal

Domestic job

1126, take medicine for PTSD
cold water bath

1200, job
1720, end job

1737, Lunch. Cold Udon with raw egg. Simmered gizzard by salt and pepper. Edamame.

cold water bath

1820, end job.
2135, end job

2135, end.
2305, end job.

140820dinner1.jpg 140820dinner2.jpg
2318, Dinner. a Cold Tofu (1/2 pack, cotton) with Myouga. an Atka mackerel. Sou men (Thin wheat noodles, dried 150g). 860Kcal

2345, job
2500, end job

2515, take medicine for PTSD

2518, Night supper. Yogurt. Chocolate. 350Kcal

2650, sleep inducing medicine. hypnotic 1/2 。
2700, go to bed. went to sleep soon.

0849, blood pressure 108/74-45

Today's calories  2430 Kcal
alcohol 0cc