Aug 30, 2014, Chikuwa and wasabi, Omlette, Chicken noodle Chinese style

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2552, Hypnotic 1.
2700, Go to bed.
Could not sleep several min, then went to slept

Got up and wash room, then back to sleep soon.
Got up by morning alarm, but back to sleep.
about "sleep" it data was lost. 30 morning and 31's are same. maybe 31th are correct by begun sleeping time.
sometime, it equipment makes problems. it is not good trouble for me (writing 8/31)。

1054, Wake-up, blood pressure 124/80-48, 134/83-53
Blood pressure is hight, too. if so, it course is not Japanese style curry. Yesterday, my intake Kcal is hight, and salty and late time. it makes hight blood pressure. And a lot errors when measuring .
Cloudy and cool. Physical and spirits condition are normal or little bit good.

Today is holiday and not touch IT machines.


1209, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto, Hijiki. Miso soup of brown beech mushroom. Marinated Onion. Chikuwa and wasabi. Yogurt. 600Kcal

Domestic job

Take Cold water bath after buying. it feels cool and very good.

1550, Lunch. Omlette ( 2eggs), broccoli. Tomato. 2 Bananas. 550Kcal


140830dinner1.jpg 140830dinner2.jpg
2133, Dinner. Mapo tofu (spicy Sichuan dish and minced meat). Nibitashi ( Simmered ) of eggplant. Chicken noodle Chinese style. 850Kcal

2210, Take medicine for PTSD.

( Physical care with reading book )
2320-2332, Foot care ( by machine).
2332-2422, Leg straddled stretch.

2519, Hypnotic 1/2.

2609, Go to bed.

1054, Blood pressure 124/80-48, 134/83-53
Blood pressure is hight, too.

Today's calories 2000 Kcal

Alcohol 0cc