Aug 30, 2014 Saba Miso, Udon of Troro konbu (dried and combed kelp), Cold Edamame tofu with wasabi

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2556, Hypnotic 1/2.
2618, Go to bed.
Could not sleep several min, then went to slept

Got up at Early morning and wash room, back to sleep soon.
Got up at morning alarm, but sleep again.
overslept, but sleep 8 or 9 hours necessary.

1113, 119/81-49, 128/92-60, 125/86-54
little bit hight, if so, is not Japanese curry course ? but "5" point, it is difficult.
"Deep Sleep" is 17% by amount of activity meter equipment. it is little bit few, so I thought "there are deep sleep lot, it from cool night ? " be not correctly.
Cloudy and cool than usual year but did not use bracket.
physical and spirits condition are normal or better.

mail check. forgive morning mail check myself. but only mail check not web surf.

1218, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto, Nori. Miso soup of brown beech mushroom. Saba Miso. Marinated Onion. 760Kcal

Domestic job

1315, job, Outing and meeting.
Ordered corrected eye grass. it is first time in my life.
1800, end job

1811, Lunch. Udon of Troro konbu (dried and combed kelp). Salad of bean sprout with perilla oil and vinegar dressing. Simmered of scallop adductor Miso taste. 600Kcal


1915, Job, outing
2300, end job

140829dinner1.jpg 140829dinner2.jpg
2333, Dinner. Cold tofu of Edamame with wasabi. Chicken Saute, eggplant, broccoli. Potato, Carrot. 1000 Kcal

2509, Take medicine for PTSD.
2552, Hypnotic 1.

( Physical care with reading book )
Foot care ( by machine).

2700, Go to bed.

1113, Blood pressure 119/81-49, 128/92-60, 125/86-54
little bit hight

Today's calories 2360 Kcal
Alcohol 0cc