Aug 5, 2014 Miso soup of velvet shank, Simmered of Qing gent cai, Bonito sashimi with sliced onion and ponzu sauce

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2558, sleep inducing medicine.
2620, go to bed.
went to sleep well

2900, got up and washroom, then give cat food.

0827, wake-up, blood pressure 115/81-45

0948, BF. Rice 130g (White and Brown rice each 50%). Miso soup of velvet shank. Simmered brevoort. Marinated Onion.

1009, take medicine for PTSD

domestic job

cold-water bath

1150, job.
1550, end job.

1611, Lunch. Chicken noodle Chinese style. Simmered of Qing geng cai. Yogurt. 700Kcal

cold-water bath

1630, job.
1940, end job.

cold-water bath

2000, job.
2210, end job.

2240, Dinner. Rice 200g (White and Brown rice each 50%). miso soup of brown seaweed (wakame). Bonito sashimi with sliced onion and ponzu sauce. Cold tofu 1/2 pack.

2329, take medicine for PTSD

2520-2545, Fixing Foot massage machine.

(with read book)
2545-2555, Foot care by machine.

2604, sleep inducing medicine.

sleepless by hot

2752, hypnotic 1/2

2800, to slept


Today's calories 2040 Kcal
alcohol 0 cc