Aug 7, 2014 Onion Miso soup, Cold Udon with sesame sauce, Sou men (thin wheat noodles Japanese style) , Wasabi, dip soup.

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2613, sleep inducing medicine.
2705, hypnotic 1/2
2715, to slept

0948, wake-up, blood pressure 116/81-47

domestic work

1110, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%). Onion Miso soup. Simmered brevoort. Simmered of Qing geng cai. 530Kcal

domestic work

cold water bath.

1215, job
cold water bath.
1530, end job

1544, Lunch. Cold Udon with sesame sauce, vegetables, raw egg, Sichimi capsicum. 450Kcal

1600, job
1645 - 1815, begun slept on desk, then change to flat space for nap.
2200, end job.

140807dinner1.jpg 140807dinner2.jpg
2219, Dinner. Saba MIso. Marinated Onion. Sou men (thin wheat noodles Japanese style) , Wasabi, dip soup. 850Kcal

cold water bath.

Research dawdle over by iPad.

2500, Night. Chocolate. Yogurt. 350Kcal

2507, sleep inducing medicine.
No physical care because too late.
2630, go to bed and went to sleep several min later.
get up by hot and night sweats.
2751, hypnotic 1/2
2800, to slept

0948, 116/81-47

Today's calories 2180 Kcal
alcohol 0cc