Sep 3, 2014 Chikuwa and wasabi, Tukimi-Udon, Goya stir-frying

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2417, Take medicine for PTSD.
2418, Hypnotic 1/2.

( Physical care with reading book )
2435-2445, Foot care ( by machine).
2450-2520, Leg straddled stretch.
I have room to breathe tonight, I could physical care. It been long time, Leg straddled stretch is tight. so, close legs and pickup pelvis then open legs.

2604, Go to bed.
Went to sleep till in several min.

Have not got up once.

Wakeup by morning alarm.
"Deep sleep" is 43% by amount of activity meter equipment, it is best one.

1059, Wake-up, blood pressure 120/85-56, 118/89-54
today's blood pressure is normal.
Blood pressure at wakeup, 1, Do not take foods at just before sleeping. 2, If take foods, must light foods. 3, Do not take salty foods at just before sleeping ( maybe OK at lunch). I will do it from next dinner.
Cloudy, like cold.
Physical and spirits condition are normal. Throat is little bit pain.


1201, BF. Rice 100g (White and Brown rice each 50%), Natto, Hijiki. Miso soup of eggplant. Marinated Onion with perilla oil and vinegar dressing. Chikuwa (Japanese fish sausage) and wasabi. Yogurt and nuts. 650Kcal

1239, Take medicine for PTSD.

Domestic jobs

1315, job
1730, end job

1753, Lunch. Tukimi-Udon (raw egg udon). Tomato. Yogurt. 500Kcal

1800, job
2045, end job

140903dinner1.jpg 140903dinner2.jpg
2115, Dinner. Goya stir-frying. (Nigauri, Bitter gourd. Okinawan meal). Tataki of Bonito. Dried and combed kelp Udon.
 forgot to cook rice then change to Udon on this dinner.

(2215, Take medicine for PTSD. )

2200, job
2530, end job

( Physical care with reading book )
2557-2617, Foot care ( by machine).
No stretch today.

2618, Hypnotic 1/2.
2630, Go to bed.

1059, Wake-up, blood pressure 120/85-56, 118/89-54
today's blood pressure is normal.

Today's calories 2050 Kcal
Alcohol 0cc